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The Miracle of Adoption Parenting Matters -- WBOU 100.5FM

June 20, 2019 ~ The Miracle of Adoption

Guests: Julie Bolles, Supervisor of Adoption & Pregnancy Counseling, Catholic Charities of TN; Michelle and Dr Brad Hoover

ABOUT PARENTING MATTERS: Hosted by Dr. Parnell Donahue.

The series has four main goals. 1) Supporting parents as the primary and most important teachers of their children. 2) Emphasizing religion as fundamental in raising children of integrity directed by a strong moral compass. 3) Offering parents a path leading their kids to be men and women of character. 4) Reaching out to single parents in their special role.

Dr. Par jokes that parenting is more than changing diapers and taxiing kids to soccer practice. Some of the area he will address include, defining what parenting really is, and what role religion, prayer and discipline have in the process.

Other topics; cell phones, peers, education, music, violence, diet, health habits, drugs, alcohol, sex, and on and on. There will be plenty of topics and suggestion that can make a parent's job easier and more productive.

Each show will be half an hour and begin with a short monologue by our host. This will be followed with comments by, and an interview with, a special guest expert. Our great city is blessed with experts on many subjects and we will make good use of them. The second half of the show will be a panel discussion with our expert; a local couple interested in the subject; and our host, Dr. Par. Each show ends with assigned "Homework" and an invitation to go to this web page and comment on the show and submit the homework. "There'll be no tests, and no grades," Par jests.

ABOUT DR. PARNELL DONAHUE: Dr. Parnell (Par) Donahue was born on a farm near Westbrook, Minnesota, the third child in a family of nine. He earned his medical degree from Marquette University School of Medicine. He was a General Medical Officer in the USAF, and practiced pediatrics, adolescent medicine, and adolescent sports medicine in Hartford and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in Atlanta, Georgia. Since his retirement he works part time at the Nashville Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) doing physical exams on candidates applying for entrance into the United States military services.

WBOU Radio 100.5 (www.wbou.org; www.parenting-matters.com)

Starts: 6/20/2019 at 11:30 am
Ends: 6/20/2019 at 12:00 pm

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