TRANSCRIPT - Video for Day 1 of Pathways to Possibilities 4/20/2020

Posted 04/19/2020

Catholic Charities' Pathways to Possibilities Day One (4/20/2020) Video Transcript

The Most Reverend J. Mark Spalding, Bishop of the Diocese of Nashville
Judy K. Orr, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Tennessee


Hi, I'm Judy Orr, Executive Director of Catholic Charities. I'm proud to be joined by the Most Revered J. Mark Spalding, Bishop of the Diocese of Nashville.

Welcome to Pathways to Possibilities Day One. Pathways is our most important fundraiser of the year, and it was going to be a breakfast. But it's now a virtual event.

Bishop Spalding and the Diocese of Nashville are our presenting sponsors.

Bishop, thank you for your support.

In my first year as director, I have greatly benefited from hearing you speak and receiving your counsel on various matters. I think our Pathways audience would enjoy hearing about Pope Benedict's encyclical writing titled, "God Is Love." It really speaks to the work we do as Catholic Charities.


Thank you, Judy. And once again, thank you for saying, "Yes." This is a wonderful side of the church - Catholic Charities.

The encyclical, "God is Love: Deus Caritas Est," was Pope Benedict's very first encyclical. He explained that love has various parts. There is love that we find in a couple. The kind of love that is found among friends. But then there is the love which he called "agape," and maybe many of you know that word. It's a love that goes beyond sacrificial. It opens our eyes to all those around us in the world.

And Pathways to Possibilities helps Catholic Charities be eyes and ears and heart to others.


My takeaway when I read the encyclical was about the three pillars of the church, and the fact that there is a sacramental part of it. When you gather together; there is a proclamation of the word where we share the gospel with one another; and then as you talked about, there is that work of charity where we are out helping our neighbors. We think that's really inspirational when you understand that, especially at these times when we can't gather together in congregations, that we have an opportunity to express our faith through good works.

I know that many good people want to serve right now, but they are rightly staying home where they need to be. And in that context we become a surrogate, so to speak, for them, and we are happy to serve on their behalf.

Our Pathways event has four days of important and, I think, interesting information about what we do and how we do it.

Our work has expanded because of the two disasters - both the tornadoes that hit our area, as well as the COVID virus. Healing will take a long time, and it will take faith and hope.

We hope that you will spread the word about our virtual Pathways to Possibilities.

Thank you for joining us today. We'll see you tomorrow for Day Two.

Bishop, could you close us with a blessing?


Judy just made a good summary of who we are as Catholics. We look out into the world. We serve, not because others are Catholic, but because we are. And that drives us forward into the world to proclaim, to worship, and to serve. And we keep that in mind and in heart, one and all.

As I ask for God's blessing, let us be mindful of the blessings we've received and one of my consistent lines to the people in the Diocese of Nashville. "To whom much is given, much will be required."

I ask you to look into your hearts and be generous in your love and every way you can toward others.

Let us bow our heads once again.

Good and loving God, continue to open our minds, our eyes, our ears, our hearts to your presence in our life to see how truly we are blessed even, and especially, at times of trial, trouble, and tribulation. Open our minds, our hearts, our eyes, our ears to others.

And once we do, allow us to be truly generous - truly be the presence of Christ in the world - that lifts up, that heals, that helps, that encourages.

We ask all this in Christ's name, who is the risen Lord forever and ever. Amen.

May Almighty God bless you all, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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