Volunteer opportunity

In-Home English Tutor

Purpose and Impact: Catholic Charities of Tennessee Refugee and Immigration Services provide a wide array of programs to help newly-arrived refugees acquire skills they need to acclimate to American culture and responsibilities. This volunteer position provides some of our most underserved clients with basic English language abilities, the indispensable foundation to building a better life in America. Lack of proficient English language skills severely impacts our clients' quality of life and ability to integrate into their new community, from decreased job opportunities to social isolation and more. By working together to remove one of the biggest barriers to success, you can help our clients possess the basic skills they need to flourish and provide for themselves and their families. In-home tutors are crucial for some of our clients, whose location, lack of transportation, and/or childcare responsibilities prevent them from attending our ESL classes.

Tasks and Responsibilities

•Provide English language instruction, focusing on the basic skills needed to apply for jobs and navigate their community

•Establish the needs of the client and develop a flexible curriculum that fits those needs

•Prepare for each session and keep a record of the topics covered

•Travel to the client(s)' home location, which may be in a more remote part of Nashville

•Ability to work respectfully within the client(s)' home environment

•Develop a friendly learning relationship with the client(s)

•Communicate client(s)' development of skills with supervisor

Required Skills: Comprehensive knowledge of English language/pronunciation and grammar/mechanics; experience with or interest in other cultures and lifestyles; ability to communicate clearly, patiently, and effectively; willingness to travel to client(s)' home

Preferred Skills: Experience teaching or tutoring English as a Second language to adult students is strongly preferred. Proficient foreign language abilities are always a plus!

Time Commitment: We ask that In-Home English tutors meet with their students 2-4 hours per week, at least once a week. Ideally, you would meet 2-3 times over the course of the week. We ask for a commitment of approximately 3 months or until the client secures employment (if applicable).

Site and Supervision: In-Home tutors will be under the supervision of the Self-Sufficiency Coordinator. You will meet clients directly in their homes. You may also meet in a community facility, such as a library, if you are willing to provide transportation to and from and if it fits with the client(s)' needs.

Volunteer Benefits: In this position, volunteers will develop extensive communication abilities and strengthen existing skills in this area. You will be able to use your abilities as an English-speaker to make a pivotal difference in someone's life and wellbeing, all while learning about other cultures and the many diverse people who make up the Nashville community.

Contact: For more information or to apply for this position, please contact Lizzie Goddard at egoddard@cctenn.org or 615-760-2765.


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