Volunteers Respond to August Works of Mercy Challenge: Clothe the Naked (Aimee Mayer, Advocacy & Social Justice Coordinator)

Posted 08/30/2016

You won't typically find teenage boys willing to sort diapers on a Saturday afternoon. On a recent Saturday, however, four junior high students from Christ the King School joined a group of about 25 volunteers from across the region to answer Catholic Charities' August Mercy Challenge to "Clothe the Naked."

They gathered at Cathedral of the Incarnation for a diaper drive & sorting event for the agency's Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services Material Assistance closet.

Catholic Charities Adoption counselor Deasree Williams kicked off the day, explaining how the unfunded initiative depends on the community's generosity to meet the needs of infants and toddlers of families experiencing difficult times.

Doug Adair of the Nashville Diaper Connection followed, praising NDC's strong partnership with Catholic Charities, a partnership that continues to grow each year. He shared that Catholic Charities was one of only two Middle Tennessee organizations distributing diapers to those in need in 2012!

After hearing the speakers, the volunteers were ready! They divided into wrap teams based on diaper size, ranging from newborn to size 5. {Everyone wanted to wrap the newborn diapers because they are just so darn cute (and easier to manage).}

In less than an hour, volunteers had wrapped 3,500 diapers and boxed them for delivery to the Material Assistance closet at Catholic Charities' Catholic Pastoral Center office.

Parents in need can call 615-352-3087 (x-2179) to request items from the Material Assistance closet once every three months. In addition to diapers, Catholic Charities, depending on availabilities, may provide wipes, clothes, diaper bags, and even larger items like car seats and Pac-N-Plays.

The Mercy Challenge August diaper drive brought in more than 8000 diapers to (temporarily) line our shelves! As important as filling a material need, though, these diapers allow Catholic Charities to meet an emotional need...transitioning a nervous, fearful parent entering our doors to ask for help to one who leaves feeling listened to and understood.

Julie Bolles, Pregnancy Counseling and Adoptions Services program supervisor, said that the ability to offer material assistance opens doors to direct service and support during a difficult time, truly the best resource of all.

Even though August is at its end, there is a constant need for material donations to stock our Adoptions Material Assistance closet and for volunteers to help keep the donations organized. To learn more, call 615-760-1019 or email

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