United Way and the Power of Partnership in Nashville (Lisa Hooker Campbell and Eric Dewey for The Tennessean)

Posted 08/19/2015

Catholic Charities of Tennessee is proud to be a United Way of Metropolitan Nashville partner, working together to make good things happen in our community.

We truly appreciate the program support and insights we receive from United Way and its "investors" throughout the area. Thank you!

In a city like Nashville, where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives and inspires, we are in the enviable position of setting high goals and working together to make good things happen.

Collective impact harnesses our potential as a city, particularly around the big challenges that face some of the most vulnerable in our community.

In our public schools, nearly three-fourths of students live in some level of poverty and deal with basic needs challenges. That reality is just one symptom of a much larger problem that cannot be ignored if we want the "IT City" to be a reality for all.

We are committed to developing collective solutions to big problems that affect our most vulnerable. By strategically bringing together a broad range of partners, our focus is on building pathways from dependence to independence for families and individuals, in the areas of education, financial stability and health.

United Way serves as a catalyst to identify and address large complex problems. It starts with forming a common agenda with partners like Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, private corporations and their employees, the mayor's office, foundations, nonprofit organizations and faith-based institutions among many others.

This broad collective approach brings together vital expertise, data, volunteer energy, advocacy and financial resources critical to a scaled response that can measurably improve conditions.

When United Way partners with nonprofit partners through its Outcomes Based Investments, we are investing in our plans and partners to improve conditions and change lives. We work together to create strategic, scaled solutions in education, financial stability and health, the building blocks for a better life.

We value our funded partner agencies and appreciate their hard work and expertise that makes a lasting difference in the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors and in our community.


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