Sinclair to Continue as Catholic Charities Director
(Tennessee Register)

Posted 06/20/2014

Bill Sinclair, executive director of Catholic Charities of Tennessee for 28 years, has announced that he will not retire from this position by January 2015, as previously planned.

Citing the agency's ongoing growth, several new initiatives and a number of potential changes in programs and locations, as well as his own thoughts about leaving the position he loves, Sinclair said he spoke with Bishop David Choby about these matters recently and was invited by the bishop to continue in his position.

"Catholic Charities of Tennessee is a remarkable and important organization that has been critical to this community's less fortunate for more than 50 years," Sinclair said. "Today, it continues to provide pathways to possibilities to individuals throughout Middle Tennessee. Catholic Charities had an estimated 70,000 service connections last year through well over 40 programs. Our role in Middle Tennessee continues to grow, with several recently awarded grants creating new programs and other operations expanding as the need for our services continues to grow.

"It was for reasons such as these that I was proud to serve as the agency's executive director for these past 39 years, and I was prepared to step down and retire in January," Sinclair added.

"However, as these new initiatives began to take shape, I started looking at what might happen as we transition leadership, as well," he said. "Several programs are being restructured and there will be location changes coming for some of our programs. Combining this extensive reorganization with the added activity brought by the new programs for the homeless and other initiatives would add to the challenges of a new person assuming the executive director's responsibilities.

"The more we discussed the programs and our plans, the more eager I was to be a part of this work," Sinclair said. "The idea of retirement is far less appealing compared to the benefits of being involved in the work Catholic Charities is doing.

"My enthusiasm for this work and this organization has only grown," Sinclair said. "I expressed these thoughts to Bishop Choby and he invited me to continue as executive director. I was humbled by this confidence and am grateful to him for making this possible.

"Catholic Charities has given so much to me, for which I am extremely grateful, and this position has been the most fulfilling and energizing one I could imagine," Sinclair said. "The tremendous commitment of our staff of professionals, Board of Trustees, and volunteers is making a difference in the lives of our neighbors, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with them to make Nashville and Middle Tennessee an even better place for all of its residents."

Sinclair started with Catholic Charities in 1975 helping to relocate refugees from Vietnam to Middle Tennessee. He served as assistant director from 1977 to 1986 when he was named executive director.

He announced his intention to retire in March. The board was still early in its search for Sinclair's replacement and had not yet advertised the opening.

Catholic Charities of Tennessee was established in 1962 and today serves residents of 38 Middle Tennessee counties. It has an annual budget of $17 million.

Operating on behalf of the Diocese of Nashville and its congregants, major areas of community involvement include refugee and immigrant services, adoptions and parental support, counseling, senior services, education and job training, and basic needs, including feeding, housing and clothing assistance.

The agency is a licensed child placement agency of the State of Tennessee and certified as an Adult Day Care provider. Its adoption program is Hague Accredited. The Tennessee Office for Refugees is a department of Catholic Charities of Tennessee.

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