In My Words: Renewed Spaces in a Sacred Place (Clark Baker, Catholic Charities of Tennessee Board of Trustees)

Posted 09/12/2016

Both Saint Mary Villa Child Development Center (SMV CDC) and Catholic Charities of Tennessee have been involved in preparing for a major move from Saint Mary Villa on White Bridge Road to the St. Vincent de Paul campus on Heiman Street in North Nashville for the better part of a year. Thankfully, all of the myriad of details are finally coming together and the dream is becoming reality.

Prior to the completion of the move, though, as a member of the Catholic Charities of Tennessee Board of Trustees, I thought a lot about our newest home for several of our critical ministries, including the Child Development Center and Catholic Charities' Senior Enrichment Center providing adult day care services.

There wasn't much I could do to physically help with the move. I kept trying to think of a way to do something tangible, though, to thank our staff who have been working so hard to make this move happen, in ways little and big. Finally, the light bulb went off!

Food works wonders, I remembered. So, while the teachers and staff were unpacking boxes and setting our clients, I made a surprise visit to deliver pizzas. Just to say that I cared...that we cared.

Afterwards, as I paused outside looking at our newest home, it struck me how historic this move would be for the story of the building which once housed St. Vincent de Paul School and will now house our agency and Saint Mary Villa Child Development Center.

For decades the space has served as a light...a place of learning for God's people. Now, it's a new place for an old space!

Bright colors, freshly renovated for God's little angels and seniors needing support. Truly His will is being done! I was refreshed by hearing SMV CDC executive director Clarie Givens exude with excitement!

Pride, faith, a new look, and a new beginning for our work. Renewed spaces in a sacred place!

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