IN OUR WORDS: Relaxation Tips, Catholic Charities' Counseling Staff

Posted 07/28/2015

Catholic Charities' counselors have come together to pool -- and share! -- their thoughts on how to add some relaxation to our lives, especially as we move from the slower pace of summer to a busier fall.

Many of us think of summer as a time to slow down and relax. School's out, vacations are taken, or maybe we get to loll by a river or lake somewhere. Relaxation is an important part of keeping balance in our lives and a critically important way to care for ourselves.

As summer winds down, and we face the gearing up that fall can bring, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to relax. Hopefully you can add your own to this list, or find ones here that help you keep the spirit of summer alive year-round.

• I enjoy spending time just BE-ing on my patio, surrounded by beautiful flowers, birds singing, and the sound of water flowing in my garden fountains. At night, relaxing under the stars with my cat lounging on my lap. Ahhh...God, thank you for your many gifts. (Jill Hodges)

• One of my favorite ways to relax is by being with safe people who nurture my spirit. I love having coffee or taking walks with good friends who help make me feel calm. (Allison Hill)

• I love anything outdoors, specifically hiking....when I'm in the woods everything seems to slow down. I feel I'm my most authentic self when I'm surrounded by nature. (Amy Sturm)

• I find great peace by working in my yard. I have a cactus garden as well as lots of flowers. I also maintain bird and squirrel feeders. When the yard is complete I also love to play the piano. Both activities are true stress relievers. (Carla Webb)

• I love to be in our hammock, under a canopy of trees. Swinging side to side, breathing deeply and deliberately, and listening to the birds relieves stress, tension, and anxiety for me. (Lori Thornton)

• My favorite relaxation techniques besides sitting or walking at the beach are Yoga, going to the gym, going out with friends and most recently, Zumba. (Fabi Lague)

• Running outside relieves stress, makes me feel strong and helps me stay connected to nature. Laughing with friends and family, time with my dog and a good book are also great ways to care for myself. (Lisa McGovern)

• Also, don't forget about the many relaxation apps available you can use anywhere: and Honor Your Inner Monk to name just two!

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