Charities' Christmas Wishes Initiative Returns for 2015 (Tennessee Register)

Posted 11/20/2015

Catholic Charities' 2016 Christmas Wishes initiative is ready to launch.

"Catholic Charities' Christmas Wishes has become a longstanding tradition of the season for many families, churches and businesses in our community," explained Megan Stack Emerson, Family Assistance and Community Employment Department Director. "Last year, approximately 1,200 individuals - mostly children or seniors - were able to have Christmas as a result of their generous donations."

Catholic Charities case managers supply many of the names for the recipients and information about specific needs for each of them. Each recipient then has a Christmas Wishes tag created with key information such as sex, age (for children), a few basic needs (shoes, pants, or a coat, for example) and a few "wish" items. The tags are distributed throughout the community.

"We have already had parishes and businesses contact us for this year's tags," said Emerson. In addition, a Christmas Wishes tree decorated with tags will be up at the Catholic Pastoral Center (Entrance #7) by Friday, Nov.
20, as a convenience to individuals or families wishing to participate. The Christmas Wishes tag tree can be accessed Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

"We always had a Christmas Wishes tree set up at Saint Mary Villa. We want to continue that tradition in our new Catholic Pastoral Center location."

For specific volunteer opportunities tied to the wrapping and delivery of Christmas Wishes gifts, go to

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