Caring for New Life
(Charities USA Spring 2014 - A quarterly publication of Cahtolic Charities USA)

Posted 06/14/2014

The efforts of Catholic Charities to protect human life and dignity in the dawn of life are supported by countless organizations, donors, and volunteers. Sue Hillman is one such volunteer who over the last 20 years has touched the lives of more than 100 babies, providing temporary foster care with her husband, Ralph, for babies awaiting adoption or return to their parents through Catholic Charities of Tennessee and its Caring Choices Adoptions and Pregnancy Counseling program.

Newborn care can be especially demanding on a caregiver's time and energy, but Sue's career as a newborn nurse gave her the critical skills and insights needed to properly care for all infants, especially those who have been drug exposed in the womb or who come from homes with no standard of care. Now retired professionally, Sue showers her loving round-the-clock care on these little ones, showing undeterred patience and love for babies that may be anxious, unable to eat, irritated, or having difficulty sleeping.

In reflecting on her ministry of caring for vulnerable newborns and infants, Sue shared: "I do this out of obedience to God. He has equipped me with the ability to let go of a baby I have cared for and loved without feeling a tremendous loss. Each time I receive a phone call from Catholic Charities about another infant, my heart just opens immediately to the next baby that enters my life."

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