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HOPE and CHAP Programs Help Families Under Stress
(Tennessee Register)

Posted 06/20/2014

Lakeda Conyers' four children suffered when she was first diagnosed with colon cancer. It was devastating for them to deal with a parent fighting a debilitating disease. Conyers' daughter Taylor had the hardest time coping with her mom's ailment, Conyers said. "She would cry, she would act out, she would have nightmares, she was scared of what life would be like if … read more >>

Sinclair to Continue as Catholic Charities Director
(Tennessee Register)

Posted 06/20/2014

Bill Sinclair, executive director of Catholic Charities of Tennessee for 28 years, has announced that he will not retire from this position by January 2015, as previously planned. Citing the agency's ongoing growth, several new initiatives and a number of potential changes in programs and locations, as well as his own thoughts about leaving the position he … read more >>

Home at Last, in America
(by Holly Johnson, director Tennessee Office for Refugees, for Tennessee Voices [The Tennessean])

Posted 06/20/2014

Last fall, the Tennessee General Assembly commissioned an independent study on the cost of refugee resettlement to the state of Tennessee. What this study found was that refugees pay more in taxes than they consume in benefits - in fact, twice as much. Although the study was comprehensive in its scope, it was unable to address the non-monetary value of refugees in … read more >>

Catholic Charities Staffer Joins Human Relations Commission
(Tennessee Register)

Posted 06/20/2014

Abdishakur Mohamed, employment coordinator for Catholic Charities of Tennessee's Refugee Services department, recently was sworn in as a member of the Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County Human Relations Commission. He will serve a two year term through April 2016.The Human Relations Commission was established to resolve complaints and carry out educational … read more >>

Making Memories Work for Mid-State Seniors
(WMOT - 89.5FM Murfreesboro/NPR)

Posted 06/19/2014

Doug Oliver and his friend Geneva McElroy are talking over old times, but this is no simple stroll down memory lane. Using guided conversation, Oliver is helping McElory, now in her 90s, reconnect with her own self-worth by drawing on the memories of experiences long past."They can see what they've done that has or will impact the future and it lifts their … read more >>

Catholic Charities of Tennessee Opens Family Resource Center
(Charities USA Spring 2014 -- A quarterly publication of Catholic Charities USA)

Posted 06/14/2014

Catholic Charities of Tennessee recently opened the South Nashville Family Resource Center (FRC), in partnership with Saint Thomas Health and United Way of Metropolitan Nashville, to provide community services to the long-underserved neighborhoods in the area."The South Nashville FRC has tremendous potential for South Nashville!" said Megan Stack, family … read more >>

Caring for New Life
(Charities USA Spring 2014 - A quarterly publication of Cahtolic Charities USA)

Posted 06/14/2014

The efforts of Catholic Charities to protect human life and dignity in the dawn of life are supported by countless organizations, donors, and volunteers. Sue Hillman is one such volunteer who over the last 20 years has touched the lives of more than 100 babies, providing temporary foster care with her husband, Ralph, for babies awaiting adoption or return to their … read more >>

Nashville Refugee Helps Others Stand on Own
(The Tennessean)

Posted 06/12/2014

Abdishakur "Abdi" Mohamed says he wants refugee immigrants in Nashville to stand on their own two feet - an analogy for hard work and self-sufficiency that's especially fitting when he says it. Mohamed, forced out of war-torn Somalia in 2002, has known a journey to America made more difficult by polio, which paralyzed his right leg when he was 6 months old. Yet … read more >>

Catholic Charities’ Refugee Elders Program Receives Dollar General Literacy Grant

Posted 05/19/2014

The Dollar General Literacy Foundation has awarded a $15,000 grant to Catholic Charities of Tennessee's Refugee Services program. The funding will support the program's Refugee Elders initiatives addressing English language training."At Dollar General, we are passionate about our mission of Serving Others throughout the communities we serve," said Rick … read more >>

South Nashville Services Expand
(Catholic Charities of TN Spring 2014 Newsletter)

Posted 04/09/2014

Catholic Charities is no stranger to South Nashville.Hispanic Family Services has offered educational programs and health-focused initiatives at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and other locations for more than a decade.Refugee Services has built a presence there, too, providing programs for recently arrived refugees to facilitate their transition to self-sufficiency, … read more >>

Volunteers Helping Refugees Adjust to Life in Nashville
(WSMV - Channel 4)

Posted 04/09/2014

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Reported by Terry Bulger - email (Posted: Apr 09, 2014 4:04 PM CDT Updated: Apr 09, 2014 9:38 PM CDT )A group of Middle Tennessee volunteers are Paying It 4Ward to refugees adapting to a new life in Nashville, where things can be very differeJoseph Weekly volunteers a few hours a week to hang out with his new pal, 14-year-old Jeremy Remezo, a refugee … read more >>

Where Are Nashville's International Refugees From?
(The Tennessean)

Posted 04/07/2014

(By Tony Gonzalez)I recently read a Tennessean feature about immigrants in Nashville, and an article about refugees trying to find housing in the city, and wondered: Which countries have refugees fled from to find safe new lives in Nashville?Nashville has long been a major destination for refugees - defined as people approved by the U.S. government to move into America … read more >>

Catholic Charities Expands Outreach Through New Locations, Partnership
(Tennessee Register)

Posted 03/28/2014

Since 1981, Catholic Charities' North Nashville Outreach Program has provided temporary and emergency material assistance for residents of North Nashville. The program strives to meet the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing, and offers case management services, including, when needed, referrals to other community service providers. This past February, the … read more >>

Nashville Man Draws Value from Old Memories
(The Tennessean)

Posted 03/21/2014

Doug Oliver doesn't let on that he's a therapist. Doesn't have to.That's because the subtle kind of therapy he prefers, as a volunteer at the Catholic Charities adult day care program in Nashville, sounds like little more than telling old stories of decades past.But something more is at work beneath the surface as he works the room a few days each week.Oliver compliments … read more >>

Caring for Loved One with Alzheimer's is "Extension of Our Faith"
(Tennessee Register)

Posted 03/14/2014

he Tennessee Register, as part of its continuing series on the Corporal Works of Mercy, in this issue is taking a look at the sixth of the seven works: visit the sick. Julie Wanca, right, talks with her mother-in-law Joan Wanca while helping her prepare for bed. Joan, who has Alzheimer's disease, lives with her son Murph and daughter-in-law Julie, who are her … read more >>

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