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In a Smithville uniform factory, has Nashville found the missing threads for its local fashion industry? (Abby White, Nashville Scene)

Posted 04/02/2015

The development that could transform Nashville's fashion industry is not taking place in one of America's taste-making coastal centers. It's not even happening in Nashville - yet. It's on a quiet street about 75 minutes southeast in Smithville, Tenn., a town of roughly 4,000 whose previous claim to clothing lore for many years was a store called Walker's Shoes and … read more >>

Charities Forms New Department (Tennessee Register)

Posted 03/28/2015

Catholic Charities of Tennessee has announced the creation of a Mission Advancement department, effective March 1, bringing its marketing, development and social concerns efforts together operationally."Informally, we have referred to development and marketing as our Mission Advancement functions since before they were formally a part of our organization," … read more >>

Nashville Somalis worry how to get money back home (Tony Gonzalez, The Tennessean)

Posted 03/07/2015

An international banking struggle has hit home for Nashville's large Somali refugee community, raising concerns here about family members still living in Somalia and African refugee camps.NOTE: Abdishakur Mohamed, mentioned below in this story, is Employment Coordinator with Catholic Charities of Tennessee's Refugee Services department. He is also a member of the … read more >>

IN MY WORDS: Jackie Rogers, Volunteer, Loaves and Fishes Community Meals for the Hungry

Posted 03/04/2015

I am a Nashville native and lived most of my early years in Donelson. As an adult, I moved to West Nashville for work and have been there "forever"! Growing up, for me, was pretty good. I never really had much exposure to homelessness until several years ago, while working at Ford Glass Plant. A coworker asked me to help fix food once a month for the homeless … read more >>

PUPPY LOVE: Spreading Happiness with Nashville Humane Association (Abby White, nfocus/Nashville)

Posted 03/01/2015

It's a quiet morning in the rec room at Catholic Charities' Adult Daycare, where just under a dozen senior citizens sit in a circle, patiently awaiting the arrival of guests. There's always something fun going on here, whether it's a holiday, the celebration of a birthday-one of the women just turned 92!-or a visit from a local musician. Everyone has their favorite … read more >>

Providing help. Creating hope. (Charities USA, Catholic Charities USA)

Posted 02/19/2015

The path that Abdishukri Abdi followed from a war-torn village in Somalia to a refugee camp in Kenya to an apartment in Nashville to receiving his U.S. citizenship has been a long, grueling journey. Uprooted from his home due to violent civil war and forced to live in a refugee camp for 18 years, Abdi said he often struggled to figure out where he fit in, wondering, … read more >>

New Program Offers Help in the Kitchen and Classroom (Briana Grzybowski, Tennessee Register)

Posted 02/13/2015

A new program offered by Catholic Charities is helping Nashville residents enhance their lives through nutritional instruction and academic assistance.Recipes for Success is a free monthly workshop that strives to provide local families with school tutoring for their kids and tips for healthy living. Meetings began on Jan. 17 and will continue through the first Saturday … read more >>

Beehan ends 34-year career at Catholic Charities (Andy Telli, Tennessee Register)

Posted 01/30/2015

When Eileen Beehan first went to work for Catholic Charities of Tennessee in 1980, she saw the job as transitional, one she would hold for several years while she figured out what she really wanted to do. Thirty-four years later, "here I am transitioning into retirement," Beehan told friends and family who gathered at a reception on Jan. 16 to celebrate her years … read more >>

IN MY WORDS: Louisa Saratora, Assistant State Refugee Coordinator, Tennessee Office for Refugees

Posted 01/20/2015

The following reflection by Louisa Saratora was written a short time after President Barack Obama's visit to Nashville last month. Louisa is Assistant State Refugee Coordinator for the Tennessee Office for Refugees (a Catholic Charities of Tennessee department) and also serves as co-chair of Nashville Mayor Karl Dean's New Americans Advisory Council.Nashville has been … read more >>

IN MY WORDS: Chris Lillie, Refugee Services Mock Interview Volunteer

Posted 01/20/2015

We all remember our first job interview and the anxiety that surrounded it. Most of us don't love this process, but feel confident we can get through it. We might have prepared by having a dress rehearsal with a friend or family member, planning for the typical interview questions ("Tell me a time when...."), and providing solid answers to help us get that job. … read more >>

Catholic Charities Merges Two Departments (Tennessee Register)

Posted 01/16/2015

Catholic Charities of Tennessee's Social Services department has a new look and an expanded focus in 2015. On January 1, the agency's Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services department, also known as Caring Choices, was merged with the Social Services department, which provides an array of counseling, elder care and homelessness-related services. The consolidated … read more >>

"Cold Patrol" Seek Homeless on a Freezing Night (Jordan Buie/Holly Meyer, The Tennessean)

Posted 01/08/2015

It was 12 degrees when Nashville Fire Department Capt. Gary Standley drove the white van out of the headquarters on Hermitage Avenue at 6 p.m. Wednesday to start the last of the city's patrols for unsheltered homeless.Standley and emergency medical technician David Upton hoped to convince anyone considering sleeping outside to think otherwise on a night when temperatures … read more >>

Happy New Year Means Happy Birthday for Hundreds of Nashville Refugees (Blake Farmer, WPLN)

Posted 01/02/2015

The happy new year was also a happy birthday for hundreds of refugees who now call Nashville home. Many asylum seekers are assigned January 1st when they can't prove their date of birth.Hussien Mohamud had more friends than he could possibly handle celebrating birthdays this week. "On my Facebook, 1,056 friends of mine get their birthday on that particular day, so … read more >>

Volunteers Stretch Catholic Charities' Reach in Helping Others (Briana Grzybowski, Tennessee Register)

Posted 01/02/2015

When Joseph Weekly was living in Memphis, he was a volunteer for an after-school refugee tutoring program. Since moving to Nashville, he's been able to continue volunteering in a similar program operated by Catholic Charities of Tennessee."I've been volunteering at Catholic Charities in Nashville for a little over a year now. It's been great to get to know … read more >>

IN OUR WORDS: Donato & Armstrong Families, Christmas Wishes Donors

Posted 12/15/2014

Four years ago at Thanksgiving time, my sister-in-law and I had a heart-felt discussion. We talked about how our combined four children (aged 8 to 12 at the time) were getting older and really didn't need anything for Christmas. We had been blessed in more ways than we could count. While the adults had stopped exchanging gifts years ago, we still continued with the toys … read more >>

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