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Catholic Charities Wants You to Skip the Lunch, Make the Donation (Andy Telli, Tennessee Register)

Posted 05/22/2015

Catholic Charities of Tennessee wants people not to come to their Pathways to Possibilities fundraising luncheon. They don't want them to worry about taking time out of work in the middle of the day and find parking. But they do want people to make a donation as if they were attending a luncheon to support all the work Catholic Charities does to help people facing a … read more >>

Empowering Homeless Families to Achieve Stability (Ned Andrew Solomon, Tennessee Register)

Posted 05/22/2015

There's a bulletin board in Matt Preston's office at Catholic Charities that keeps track of the number of families who've been successfully transitioned from homelessness to housing. The number is up to 30 since July, when the United Way Family Empowerment Program grant began.Last April, Preston, the grant's program coordinator, was finishing up an internship at … read more >>

Nashville Fashion Raises $100K (E. J. Boyer, Nashville Business Journal)

Posted 05/22/2015

The newly formed Nashville Fashion Alliance, the city's first organized step toward building a sustainable fashion industry, passed its first big test last weekend.The nonprofit organization hit (and surpassed) its Kickstarter fundraising goal, which was $100,000. The campaign, which ended the morning of May 16, secured $103,321 through 666 backers. The seed money will be … read more >>

Nashville's Fashion Industry Gets Kickstarter Boost (E. J. Boyer, Nashville Business Journal -- online)

Posted 05/18/2015

The newly-formed Nashville Fashion Alliance, the city's first organized step towards building a sustainable fashion industry, passed its first big test this weekend.The nonprofit organization hit (and surpassed) its Kickstarter fundraising goal, which was $100,000. The campaign, which ended Saturday morning, secured $103,321 through 666 backers. The seed money will be used … read more >>

Nashville Agency Offers Help in the Kitchen and Classroom (Charities magazine, Catholic Charities USA, Spring 2015)

Posted 05/15/2015

A new program offered by Catholic Charities of Tennessee is helping Nashville residents enhance their lives through nutritional instruction and academic assistance. Recipes for Success is a free monthly workshop that strives to provide local families with school tutoring for their kids and tips for healthy living. The program started in January and is meeting monthly … read more >>

Omega Apparel Plans Nashville Facility as it Diversifies (Lizzy Alfs, The Tennessean)

Posted 05/05/2015

Dean Wegner calls his apparel manufacturing company a "20-year-old startup" for good reason: after two decades of supplying dress clothes to the U.S. Military, Omega Apparel is repositioning itself to meet growing demand for American-made clothing.The manufacturer, which occupies 100,000 square feet in Smithville about 65 miles east of Nashville, is preparing to … read more >>

FAMILY EMPOWERMENT: Leading Families to Financial Stability (Pathways, Spring 2015 Newsletter)

Posted 05/01/2015

Shockingly, more than 2800 Davidson County public school families consider themselves "homeless." Unfortunately, this figure is likely understated; it includes only the children of families that have actually reported their status to Metro Schools.In an effort to help these families find stability and self-sufficiency, Catholic Charities of Tennessee initiated … read more >>

COUNSELING: Accessible & Affordable at Catholic Charities (Pathways, Spring 2015 newsletter)

Posted 05/01/2015

Catholic Charities has offered individual, couples and family counseling in Middle Tennessee since 1964. We help strengthen relationships, provide healing from trauma and loss, and address issues such as depression and anxiety.Our counseling is affordable due to our sliding fee scale which allows us to serve all people, including the uninsured or underinsured. Counselors … read more >>

Long Ago Calling Brings Laughter and Love to Single Adult, Two Boys (Pathways, Spring 2015 Newsletter)

Posted 05/01/2015

At 17, Moreen was a typical teenage girl in Middle Tennessee. Her head was filled with many exciting plans and dreams for her future. One plan she was not quite prepared for, though, was a message that came to her one Sunday while in church around that time. The thought in her head, she now believes, was a calling from God. The message told her to seek out, adopt, and … read more >>

Catholic Charities Employees Preparing for Change (Story & Photo by Andy Telli, Tennessee Register)

Posted 04/24/2015

As Catholic Charities of Tennessee prepares to move the majority of its workforce into its new offices at the Catholic Pastoral Center this summer, the organization's employees gathered to discuss change."There are as many positive things about change as there are negative," said Bill Halbert, Ph.D., a management consultant who led a discussion of the move to the … read more >>

In a Smithville uniform factory, has Nashville found the missing threads for its local fashion industry? (Abby White, Nashville Scene)

Posted 04/02/2015

The development that could transform Nashville's fashion industry is not taking place in one of America's taste-making coastal centers. It's not even happening in Nashville - yet. It's on a quiet street about 75 minutes southeast in Smithville, Tenn., a town of roughly 4,000 whose previous claim to clothing lore for many years was a store called Walker's Shoes and … read more >>

Charities Forms New Department (Tennessee Register)

Posted 03/28/2015

Catholic Charities of Tennessee has announced the creation of a Mission Advancement department, effective March 1, bringing its marketing, development and social concerns efforts together operationally."Informally, we have referred to development and marketing as our Mission Advancement functions since before they were formally a part of our organization," … read more >>

Nashville Somalis worry how to get money back home (Tony Gonzalez, The Tennessean)

Posted 03/07/2015

An international banking struggle has hit home for Nashville's large Somali refugee community, raising concerns here about family members still living in Somalia and African refugee camps.NOTE: Abdishakur Mohamed, mentioned below in this story, is Employment Coordinator with Catholic Charities of Tennessee's Refugee Services department. He is also a member of the … read more >>

IN MY WORDS: Jackie Rogers, Volunteer, Loaves and Fishes Community Meals for the Hungry

Posted 03/04/2015

I am a Nashville native and lived most of my early years in Donelson. As an adult, I moved to West Nashville for work and have been there "forever"! Growing up, for me, was pretty good. I never really had much exposure to homelessness until several years ago, while working at Ford Glass Plant. A coworker asked me to help fix food once a month for the homeless … read more >>

PUPPY LOVE: Spreading Happiness with Nashville Humane Association (Abby White, nfocus/Nashville)

Posted 03/01/2015

It's a quiet morning in the rec room at Catholic Charities' Adult Daycare, where just under a dozen senior citizens sit in a circle, patiently awaiting the arrival of guests. There's always something fun going on here, whether it's a holiday, the celebration of a birthday-one of the women just turned 92!-or a visit from a local musician. Everyone has their favorite … read more >>

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