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Heather Lyn Wood, Nashville Scene (July 24, 2014) | Jul 24, 2014 | Refugees

At first glance, Deq Omer Mohammed, Ahmed Mustafa and Abdirizsak Abdullahi Duale don't have much in common. Mustafa, an Iraqi national in his 30s who's fluent in English, wears a neat beard and preppy Western attire. Abdullah, 21, is a former student from Somalia with a shy smile and striped athletic shoes. Mohammed, handsome and middle-aged, wears leather sandals and plaid slacks, with a colorful scarf around his neck. He too hails from Somalia, but spent the past 20 years in an Ethiopian refugee camp.

Andy Telli, Tennessee Register (July 18, 2014) | Jul 23, 2014 |

With tens of thousands of unaccompanied child migrants from Central America detained at the U.S. border, Catholic Charities of Tennessee is waiting to see if some of its staffers are needed to help resolve the crisis.

Tony Gonzalez, The Tennessean (July 16, 2014) | Jul 16, 2014 | Refugees

A group of elder refugees, most of them ages 55 and older, visited the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere on a field trip. Asfaw Hubtewold isn't yet fluent in English, but there's one word he knows well — and it's one he prefers to shout.

Mike Osborne/Voice of America (July 2, 2014) | Jul 05, 2014 | Seniors

Retired clinical therapist Doug Oliver discusses old times with Geneva McElroy at a senior center in Nashville, Tennessee. (M. Osborne/VOA) At a senior center in Nashville, Tennessee, Doug Oliver and his friend, Geneva McElroy, talk about old times.

Fran Rajotte | Jul 03, 2014 | Basic Needs

Many of us donate canned goods to food banks, volunteer to pack food boxes or serve a hot meal to those in need during the holiday season.  But what is it really like not to know where you next meal is coming from, or how you will afford enough food to last through the month?  Participate in the Food Stamp Challenge and find out.

What is the Food Stamp Challenge?

Jul 03, 2014 | Counseling

  Vickie Lawson has been named coordinator of Catholic Charities of Tennessee’s School Counseling program.

In this role, Lawson will oversee the Catholic Charities counselors serving schools at St. Pius, St. Ann, St. Edward, and Holy Rosary parishes in Nashville, as well as St. Rose of Lima in Murfreesboro and Immaculate Conception in Clarksville. She will also provide direct counseling service 2 days a week at St. Joseph School in Madison.

Jul 03, 2014 |

  Collen Mayer, a recent graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a Master of Divinity degree, has been hired by Catholic Charities of Tennessee for the newly created role of department administrator.

Jul 03, 2014 |

The Board of Trustees for Catholic Charities of Tennessee, Inc. has elected officers and new members for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, according to Bill Sinclair, executive director of the agency. The terms began on July 1.  

Tennessee Register (June 20, 2014) | Jun 24, 2014 | Refugees

 Abdishakur Mohamed, employment coordinator for Catholic Charities of Tennessee’s Refugee Services department, recently was sworn in as a member of the Metropolitan Nashville/Davidson County Human Relations Commission. He will serve a two year term through April 2016.

Briana Grzybowski (Tennessee Register, June 20, 2014) | Jun 24, 2014 | Children

Lakeda Conyers’ four children suffered when she was first diagnosed with colon cancer. It was devastating for them to deal with a parent fighting a debilitating disease.
Conyers’ daughter Taylor had the hardest time coping with her mom’s ailment, Conyers said. “She would cry, she would act out, she would have nightmares, she was scared of what life would be like if I don’t survive having cancer.