Kroger Community Rewards

Have you heard that Kroger recently made some modifications to its community support program, now called the Kroger Community Rewards program?

To help support Catholic Charities of Tennessee through your Kroger purchases* simply enroll your Kroger Plus Card online at Once you (and your Kroger Plus Card) are enrolled, select Catholic Charities of TN (organization # 46343) as your local charitable recipient.

That's it...except for re-enrolling once a year to recommit your choice of Catholic Charities of Tennessee as your charitable recipient, as per the program.

Kroger distributes funds to its partner recipients quarterly. Specific quarterly awards are based on the spending of Kroger customers selecting Catholic Charities of TN (organization #46343) as it relates to the total spending of all participating Kroger Community Reward organizations.

How much easier could it be to help Catholic Charities of Tennessee and our clients, while you knock out your grocery shopping at Kroger? Thank you, in advance, for helping out Catholic Charities in this way!

*Although Supports can earn rewards on almost anything, every time they shop, there are specific purchases that cannot be included: Alcohol, tobacco, government assisted pharmacy expenses, postage stamps, Kroger Co. family of store gift cards, Green Dot prepaid reloadable products, MoneyPaks, 1-2-3 Rewards reloadable Visa prepaid debit card, ReCharge cards, American Express variable load gift cards, Visa variable load gift cards, bottle deposits, lottery and promotional tickets, money orders, Western Union, fuel, and sales tax. Eligible pharmacy purchases include out of pocket co-pays for nongovernment assisted pharmacy programs.


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